September 11, 2014

Expit EnSight for Service Manager v2.3 released!

Mohmed Dalwai

Vancouver – September 11, 2014

Expit announced today the general availability of Expit EnSight Version 2.3 for Service Manager 2012.  The updated dashboard and advance analytics platform includes many new features and enhancements. The product is available in community (Free) and professional (Commercial) editions. Further details are available at the following address:

New features (ver. 2.3) include
•    Added: Breakdown of statuses in KPIs tab for:
o   Incidents
o   Service Requests
o   Change Requests
o   Releases
•    Added: Progress bar to show loading process progress
•    Added: New Graph types in Dashboard Tab
•    Extended: SLA monitor to 72 hrs. (Instead of 48 hrs.).
•    Added: Workflows Tab added
•    Added: “Security Related” KPIs.
•    Added: Support for latest release for Provance
•    Added: Update button in “Workflow” and “Provance” Tabs
•    Bug fixes and Performance enhancements.

Existing Features (previous versions):
•     NO Data warehouse for SCSM reporting
•     Integrates with SCSM 2012, 2012 SP1, 2012 R2
•     Live feedback on all tickets and events in SCSM 2012
•     Show tickets in current day/month/year or using custom dates
•     SLA monitoring facility to keep track of critical tickets
•     Display tickets progress per analyst or team
•     Filter tickets by status, category, source, impact, and support group
•     Monitor tickets opened by critical users or assets
•     Data retrieval options (Light Dataset and Full Dataset)
•     Control visibility of tabs and queue indicators
•     Metrics tab with pre-built KPI’s for SCSM
•     Provance tab to forecast contract and warranty expiry
•     Dynamic tab displays for multi-screen environments
•     Supports Installation on Windows 7, 8, Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2

Expit EnSight Community edition can be downloaded freely from–community-edition-/product-download/7.

About Expit
Expit is a provider of IT management products and services that create business and strategic value through greater enablement and organization of technological capabilities. With focus on the administration, structure, and performance of IT, Expit tailors its products and services to meet the unique business demands present in IT departments globally.

For more information, please contact:
Mohmed Dalwai
+1 604-716-3549

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